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Reviews and Critiques by other Artists...

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Highland Vista

Jay Smithline



Whats even better than subject matter is the focal point being everywhere. tugging around from the distance to the foreground, the details working together...........don't know if it was intentional, but it sure works for me.......no strick rules .......cool kind of zen lighting...

light draws attention

Patrick Gysemberg



It is quit amazing how I - again and again - am attracted to this art piece, because of its very strong relationship between dark and light. It reveils the beauty that i am looking for. Congratulations.



Close ups...

Simon Williams



I've been to your site to see the whole painting...and I love the individual close ups of the details in their own right....such as the detail you've displayed here. I like it when the colour & composition start to become more dominent than the subject matter, which is why I prefer them to the finished work. Simon :)


The Early American Years...

Lad Ero



This painting reminds me of those great early American painters... ..who painted all those wonderful panoramic vistas... I've seen similar views in the mountains of New Hampshire where... . . the world is so far away and time just seems .... . . .to stop... There's peace in this picture...but the presence of man is hinted at... ..with the inclusion of that fence...



Raffaella Matera



Barbara, truly you perceive the side better than every thing. this work donates to visor the joy of the incontaminate and pure nature...and all that that is pure is truly alive. Raffaella

(Auto-translated from Italian)


your artwork

Laurence de Sainte-Maréville



I have seen nice paintings on your website, Barbara. They are like a "joy of living". I appreciate the colours too. 

Regards, Laurence





Arnoldo Moreni


Barbara, Thank you for a beautiful picture of “real” artistic ability. Your art does not need to seek sanctuary behind a terminology. The chosen paint, brushwork, the support and not least your ability has class. 

Regards, Arnoldo.


Cold winter lake by, Barbara Miller

Hans Alexander Gerlanius



Im from a cold country-this i know about-the bluisness is my heart. And i do say-you are a very good artist- 

regards, haG


Peaceful Garden

Mary Montgomery



This is nice. Good use of color, the rocks turning into a bridge keep the painting interesting and the on looker looking for more. Very nice.




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